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Alkota 3205-2T

alkota pressure washers
Alkota Pressure Washers

The Alkota 3205-2T is a portable, gasoline powered hot water pressure washer   that delivers 3 GPM (gal per min) at

alkota 3205-2t hot water pressure washer
Alkota 3205-2T Hot Water Pressure Washer

2,000 PSI. This machine comes is powered by   a Belt Drive 5.5 HP Honda engine, Oil Bath Pumps with ceramic plungers, steel   pipe coils and stainless steel reservoir for quality and durability. The Kero burner   is diesel powered with automatic ignition and raises water temperature by 130°F.

Because of both its abilities and mobility, the Alkota 3205-2T is ideal for cleaning   situations such as construction yards, salvage yards, hog and poultry producers,   and any other application requiring a highly mobile hot water pressure washer.

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