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Alkota 5507

alkota pressure washers
Alkota Pressure Washers

The Alkota 5507 is a gasoline powered, skid mounted, hot water pressure  washer that delivers 5 GPM (gal per min)

alkota 5507 hot water pressure washer
Alkota 5507 Hot Water Pressure Washer

at 5,000 PSI. Powered by a 23 HP belt  drive electric start Lombardini engine, this machine features an oil bath pump with  ceramic plungers, steel pipe coils and stainless steel reservoir for quality and  durability. The Kero burner is diesel powered and raises water temperature by  140° F.

Easily mounted on a trailer or pickup truck, this unit is ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning applications such as oil field equipment, heavy machinery, commercial property cleaning, parking garages, and any other situation requiring hot water at high pressure.
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