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Cuda Aqueous Parts Washers

Cuda Aqueous Automatic Parts Washers

Safe and efficient, Cuda Automatic Parts Washers provide an alternative solution to cleaning parts by eliminating the need for harmful solvents. Additionally, they offer your business the opportunity to "Multi Task". Staff and team members can clean parts while performing their other duties, increasing your billable hours.

Using pressurized jets of hot water and job matched detergents, Cuda Automatic Parts Washers are industrial sized and are exponentially more efficient than hand cleaning parts. The simplicity of the process makes this a most attractive option. Load parts, turn the washer on, and leave it while you go do something else. In 15 to 20 minutes, parts will be thoroughly cleaned.

Cuda front load parts washer

Cuda Front Load Parts Washer


Cuda top load aqueous parts washers

Cuda Top Load Aqueous Parts Washers


Cuda Aqueous Parts Washer Detergents


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