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Cuda Parts Washer Detergents

cuda front load parts washers

Cuda Front Load Parts Washers

Cuda Series Detergents are designed specifically for use with Cuda Automatic Parts Washers. These powerful parts washer detergents are “job matched” to speed up the cleaning process. Cuda Series Detergents provide a safe, effective alternative to harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. In fact, the 90-day labor warranty for all Cuda parts washers is automatically extended to a 1-year labor warranty when Cuda parts washer detergents are used exclusively.


cuda series cpc

Cuda Series CPC

cuda rust inhibitor

Cuda Rust Inhibitor

cuda paint and powder coat remover

Cuda Paint and Powder Coat Remover

cuda series super clean

Cuda Series Super Clean

cuda series alumakleen

Cuda Series AlumaKleen

cuda series clc

Cuda Series CLC

A concentrated, all-purpose automatic parts washer detergent. It comes in a powder and is effective in cleaning a broad range of surfaces, including iron, steel, soft metals, plastics and electronics.

The ideal rust-inhibitor package for parts washers as it prevents corrosion of both wetted surfaces and metal surfaces exposed to steam. Most detergents have inhibitors that work in the liquid phase, but Cuda Series RI has a characteristic that allows the inhibitor package to blend with the steam for total protection.

This specialized biodegradable, non-corrosive detergent is quick and effective at dissolving stubborn paint and powder coats - including epoxy paints - from iron and steel (it is not intended for use on aluminum, magnesium or galvanized metals). This product turns your Cuda Series parts washer into a powerful, environmentally safe paint and powder- coat stripping system. It's ideal for stripping any part that will fit into your Cuda Series automatic parts washer.

A second all-purpose automatic parts washer detergent option to Cuda Series CPC. This powdered concentrate is effective in cleaning a variety of parts, including iron, steel, soft metals, plastics and electronics. Contains a corrosion inhibitor package and a modified defoamer package to assist with foam control in the sump solution.

As its name implies, AlumaKleen is designed specifically for cleaning aluminum. It can also be used safely on a number of other alloys, including brass, stainless steel, steel and copper, as well as plastics. AlumaKleen is formulated for use in hard or soft water and is especially effective for removing baked-on carbons and oils.

A fully biodegradable, phosphate-free, neutral pH water-based detergent formulated for use in manual parts washers and aquaeous parts sinks. It removes greases, oils and grime and can be used on most surfaces, including metal, painted and plastic parts.

cuda aqueous automatic parts washer detergents contain no solvents

Cuda Aqueous Automatic Parts Washer Detergents Contain No Solvents

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