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Presale Questions

What Do I Really Need? How Much Is Enough?

Good question. The answer depends on several things. For one, what exactly are you going to be pressure washing and how often? If you are a home owner pressure washing your house, you should be fine purchasing a cold water unit. We recommend at least a machine that puts out 1,500 psi (pounds per square inch) at 3 or 4 gallons of water per minute. If you are washing a commercial property, you may want to go with a little higher pressure. Also, be sure to always have enough high pressure hose to allow unrestrained movement. We recommend at least 150-200 feet of steel wire braid high pressure hose to give you maximum mobility.

Hot Water or Cold Water?

Cold water pressure washers handle such cleaning situations as dirt, mildew, and algae removal from building exteriors and sidewalks. Combined with a detergent injector, a cold water pressure washer will generally be sufficient. However, when you need to remove oil or grease, hot water is the only way to go. Hot Water pressure washers are ideal for removing oil and grease stains from driveways, removing oil and grease from heavy equipment, gum from commercial sidewalks, and practically any substance where removal is dependent on breaking down the molecular structure. (In other words, anything you need to "melt away")

What About Electric Pressure Washers?

Electric Pressure Washers have certainly made inroads in recent years. While gasoline and diesel powered pressure washers may be more mobile in some instances, there is a great environmental benefit to the alternative electric pressure washer. Because they are clean running, electric pressure washers are ideal for cleaning situations where emissions would other wise be a problem. There are both hot water and cold water electric pressure washers. Action Cleaning Equipment carries a full line of electric pressure washers for the environmentally minded.

What About Pressure Washers Sold at Home Improvement Stores?

In recent years, pressure washers have become a booming retail business. Home improvement and hardware stores have jumped on board in an effort to gain a share of the market. Prices have reached all time lows and pressure washers are available everywhere you look. However, on closer inspection, a conscientious consumer would realize that there's a vast difference between what is available to the general public and the higher end, industrial grade machines establishments such as Action Cleaning Equipment carry. For the home owner who only plans to use a pressure washer once or twice a year for very limited application, one of these machines may be sufficient. For the individual who needs a consistently dependable pressure washer on a regular basis for a variety of applications, only higher end pressure washers such as those sold by Action Cleaning Equipment will suffice.

Product Accessories

What Is a Surface Cleaner and Why Should I Use One?

Surface Cleaners are pressure washer attachments that clean flat surfaces such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, and decks. They are round in construction and mounted on casters for easy maneuvering. The secret to their success is the swivel in the center of the unit which feeds two separate nozzle tips. These tips move in a circular motion and leave a streak free finish on a cleaned surface. Another huge benefit to using a surface cleaner is the amount of time and energy saved. On average, a surface cleaner is between 3 and 10 times faster than washing with a wand. There are now surface cleaners without casters which may also be used for cleaning vertical surfaces.

What Is an Injector and How Would It Help Me?

An injector is a tool designed to spread detergents and chemicals over large areas very quickly. For example, imagine having to apply detergent or bleach with a bucket and a broom or scrub brush over a large area. An injector introduces the detergent or chemical into the outflowing stream of water and spreads it quickly. This is a highly effective way to reduce time and energy spent on a cleaning project.

I Don't Like Heights, How Can I Reach High Areas without a Ladder?

There was a time when pressure washing any high areas required climbing a ladder and nerves of steel. While there are still some applications that require climbing, many cleaning situations may now be addressed with both feet firmly planted on the ground. One tool that helps facilitate easy cleaning of high spots is the X-Jet Injector. This revolutionary pressure washing accessory has been known to apply chemicals and detergents as high as 35-40 feet vertically. This is especially useful for situations where setting up a ladder is virtually impossible or highly dangerous. Another useful tool for reaching high areas is the telescopic wand. Extending 18-20 feet, a telescopic wand is ideal for washing eaves and overhangs on two story homes or tall one story commercial buildings.

Technical Support

I Didn't Buy My Washer from Action. Will You Still Service the Unit?

Yes, we certainly will. Since 1963, our motto has been "We Sell the Best and Service the Rest."

Can I Order Owners Manuals and/or Wiring Diagrams?

In many cases, yes - especially for units we actively sell.

Is My Unit Worth Repairing or Should I Scrap It?

Obviously, this is a question that can only be answered once our Service Team has checked out your machine. Bring your pressure washer in and we will give you an honest, objective answer.


Do You Take Trade Ins?

Yes, we take trade ins.

Rent or Buy? Which Is Right for Me?

If you have never used a pressure washer, it's probably best to rent at first. This will eliminate the possibility of "buyer's remorse" down the road. If you don't plan on using a pressure washer on a regular basis, you may never need to purchase one. Action Cleaning Equipment has a full line of rental pressure washers for any application. If using a pressure washer is going to be a regular part of your future, then purchasing one will most likely prove to be a wise investment. Action Cleaning Equipment has a full line of pressure washers to fit any application.

It's My First Time. Any Suggestions to Make Things Easier?

Before starting any pressure washing project, it's always a good idea to walk around the entire job with a pen and notebook. Make a note of all areas to be washed and decide what materials are needed. Also make a note of any preemptive actions necessary such as covering of plants or addressing potential hazards such as open electrical outlets. Decide where you will start and where to place the pressure washer for maximum mobility and minimal movement. For example, if you put the washer one corner of the house, you can wash the front and the side without moving the machine. Get a gameplan and follow through. However, don't be afraid to change plans if you need to. Be sure to get extra hose to improve your mobility. If you are going to be pressure washing flat surfaces such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, or decks, a surface cleaner will save enormous amounts of time. An injector will also speed things up drastically when it comes to applying detergent or bleach. Be sure to allow yourself extra time for the unexpected. If you absolutely must climb a ladder, do that part of the job first while you are fresh and alert. Try to keep your equipment such as extra wands and ladders in one central location. This will make things easier at the end of the day when it's time to round everything up.
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