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HydroTek AZV55ANT2V1

The AZV55ANT2V1 vacuum recovery and filtration system provides 7 stages of filtration with up to 5 gpm

hydrotek azv55ant2v1 pressure washer loop system

HydroTek AZV55ANT2V1 Pressure Washer Loop System

continuous 5-micron processing of wastewater where soaps and other chemicals are not used. Wastewater is recovered through a vacuum scupper to eliminate run-off. Recycled water is pumped back to your bulk tand for reuse to power wash concrete or other flat work.

When combined with a Hydro Tek SC Series and trailer, you have a complete self-contained mobile wash, recovery, and recycle unit. The system is the turnkey choice of professional cleaners to protect the environment and preserve our natural resources. Features Include:

  • Vacuum Recovery rate over 5gpm with auto shutdown
  • Wastewater Process Rate 4.5 gpm
  • 7 Stage Filtration Process filters up to 5 micron
  • 40 gallon capacity, automatic pump out
  • Replaceable Filter Cartridges
  • Vacuum Scupper w/50 ft hose


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