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Landa EHW

The Landa EHW is an all electric hot water pressure washer that delivers up to 4.2 GPM (gal per min) at 3,000 PSI.

landa ehw all electric hot water pressure washer
Landa EHW All Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

It comes with an Industrial Grade 6-7.5 Baldor Motor. The Belt Drive Landa Pump comes with a 7 Year Warranty.

  • Industrial Duty Magnetic Motor Starter for long life of reliable starting
  • Insulated, fatigue free Trigger Gun with Stainless Steel, dual lance, Variable Pressure Wand
  • Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Upper Cabinet/Heavy Duty 10 guage Steel Lower Cabinet protected by an epoxy powder coat finish
  • High Efficiency Heating Elements
  • Low Water Flow Switch
  • Easy To Attach Detergent Injector
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Coil
  • Inlet Filter
  • 4 Quick Couple Nozzles
  • 50 ft double-wire braid high pressure hose rated for up to 5,800 PSI and w/24 inch Hose Guard
  • Tri-Lingual Labels with Operating Instructions


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