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Landa MHC

The Landa MHC is a self contained, gasoline powered, diesel  heated, hot water pressure washer that delivers up to

landa mhc hot water pressure washer
Landa MHC Hot Water Pressure Washer

3.5 GPM  (gal per min) at 3,500 PSI. This machine comes with a Heavy  Duty Honda or Subaru engine and a Sch.80 Heating Coil. The  Direct Drive Landa Pump comes with a 7 year warranty.

Features Include:

  • Control Panel w/Adjustable Thermostat, hour meter, and tachometer
  • Insulated, fatigue free Trigger Gun and chrome plated dual lance Variable Pressure Wand
  • 50 ft of steel wire braid high pressure hose
  • Easy Coil Access
  • Rust Free 10 gal fuel tank
  • Rugged 1 1/4″ square tube chasis
  • Durable Polyurethane Batter Box
  • 4 Quick Couple nozzles
  • 13″ 2ply tubed Pneumatic tires
  • Easy to Attach Detergent Injector

From the heavy duty Landa pump and energy efficient 12 volt  burner to the single piece, welded steel frame and legendary  Landa hering coil, the MHC is built to last.

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