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Landa PDE

landa pde pressure washer
Landa PDE Pressure Washer

Landa’s PDE is a portable, electric powered, direct drive, cold  water pressure washer. It delivers up to 3.5 GPM(gal per min) at  3,000 PSI. The Heavy Duty Tri Plunger Direct Drive Landa  pump, which comes with a 7 year warranty, is supported by an  Industrial grade motor which comes in 120V, 230V, and 460V.  The machine is also equipped with detergent injection. Other   features include:

  • Industrial grade Two Position Switch
  • Electrical Safety Cord
  • 4 Quick Connect Nozzles
  • 50′ steel braid high pressure hose
  • Inlet Filter to protect pump from debris
  • Rubber Pad Feet to absorb vibration
  • Water Resistant Electrical Box
  • Rugged 10-guage steel chasis
  • 10″ 2ply Pneumatic tires
  • Hose and Gun hanger
  • Chrome Handles for easy loading

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