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Landa PG

The PG is a Belt Drive, gasoline powered, cold water pressure washer. It  delivers up to 4.7 GPM (gallons per minute)

landa pg pressure washer
Landa PG Pressure Washer

at 4,000 PSI. The Belt Drive Landa Pump comes with a 7 year warranty. This  machine comes with a reliable Honda or Vanguard engine, 9 to 20 HP, and is  equipped with an EZ Pull Start and Detergent Injector.

Other Features Include:

  • Rugged 10-gauge chasis
  • 4 Quick Couple Nozzles
  • 11/4″ Chrome Handles for easy loading
  • 10″ 2ply tubed Pneumatic tires
  • Insulated, spring loaded Trigger Gun
  • Convenient Hose and Gun Hanger
  • Illustrated, Easy To Read Labels


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