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Landa’s SLX, and smaller SLT, are the first pressure washers  ever designed to deliver a high volume flow at 200°F

landa slx-slt
Landa SLX-SLT Hot Water Pressure Washers

water, hot  enough to melt the toughest oily messes. The SLX delivers  enough hot water flow-up to 9.9GPM_that you can operate two  spray guns at the same time! Other Features Include:

  • Belt Drive Landa Pump with 7 Year Warranty
  • Schedule 80 heating coil, made up of 3oo ft of 3/4″ steel pipe with 5 year warranty
  • Extraoridinarily Rugged 2-by-4 inch box steel frame with an all metal power platform cushioned by 10 vibration isolaters to minimize frame stress
  • High Efficiency Beckett burner w/dual rings for dial-in air flow
  • 30 gallon diesel and 16 gallon gasoline Fuel Tanks for hours of uninterrupted operation
  • 50 ft of double-wire braid high pressure hose
  • Corrosion Resistant Float Tank
  • Water Resistant Control Panel w/adjustable Thermostat
  • Adjustable Detergent and Steam Valves
  • Efficient 2,000 Watt Generator Powered Burner


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