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Top Load Parts Washers

cuda front load parts washers

Cuda Front Load Parts Washers

Cuda 2518 Series Top-Load Parts Washers

The 2518 is the top of the line in the Cuda top-load parts washers. Built to withstand the harsh demands of everyday

cuda 2518 series top load aqueous automatic parts washer

Cuda 2518 Series Top Load Aqueous Automatic Parts Washer

use, it comes standard with a time-tested chain drive assembly and a virtually maintenance-free sealess pump. Extra-easy access to the sump and removable debris screen set it apart from other top-loaders on the market. The Cuda 2518 Series has a 500-lb. load capacity, a 25-inch turntable diameter and 18-inch working height.

Cuda 2412 Series Top-Load Parts Washers

cuda 2412 series top load aqueous automatic parts washer

Cuda 2412 Series Top Load Aqueous Automatic Parts Washer

At only 35 inches wide, the Cuda 2412 Series parts washer is our economy model parts washer. Less powerful than our other two top-load parts washers, the Cuda 2412 Series still has a 250-lb. load capacity, and a 24 inch turntable diameter. The Cuda 2412 Series has a 1/2 HP flush sealed pump and an upper drive arm that rotates the turntable. The 115V models make the 2412 Series especially versatile for use anywhere in the shop.

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