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WaterMaze ALPHA

watermaze alpha oil-water separator
WaterMaze ALPHA Oil-Water Separator

Since 1989, the Alpha has been a highly effective above ground  oil-water separator, working in conjunction with catch basins and  collection pits, to treat and discharge wash water to the sanitary  sewer. The genius of the Alpha is the proprietary “maze” design of  the oleophilic-oil-loving-coalescing plates, which are meshed  together and inclined at just the right angle to produce optimum oil-  water separation.

There are two models of the Alpha to accomodate flow rates of up  to 15 and 30 GPM. Both can be used in conjunction with other  systems or serve as a stand-alone oil-water separator. Among the  Alpha’s most popular features are:

  • Rust Resistant Tank made of 12 guage stainless steel
  • Industrial Duty Series 101 ozone generator w UV lamp
  • Electrical components housed in NEMA 4 water-tight box
  • Automation for ease of operation
  • Adjustable Straps for easy lifting and cleaning of plates

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