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WaterMaze CL


watermaze cl wash water treatment system

WaterMaze CL Wash Water Treatment System

No other wash-water treatment system is as versatile and modular as  the Water Maze CL. The four models can stand alone or, in some  cases, be matched with a Filter Pac module to serve as a solids  separator, a treat-and-discharge unit, or even a recycle system.

  • The CL-603 is a full recycling system when matched with the modular Filter Pac III
  • The CL-304 serves as an extra-component and affordable recycling system engineered to fit on a single platform.
  • The CL-600 discharges to the sanitary sewer.
  • The CL-30 is ideal as a solids separator in pre-treatment

The Water Maze Filter Pac III offers additional filtration for meeting the  environmental and water conservation needs of most wash-water  applications.

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