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WaterMaze Delta

watermaze delta wash water recycling system
WaterMaze Delta Wash Water Recycling System

The Delta wash-water recycling systems are ideal when  a wash facility is already equipped with a collection pit or  pre-treatment system. With flow rates of up to 30 GPM,  the Delta is self contained and has a low profile so it can  be conveniently and relatively quickly installed inside a  building or next to a wash pad.

As with other Water Maze systems, the Delta features  the proprietary “maze” design that uses oleophilic-  oil- loving-coalescing plates, which are meshed together  and inclined at just the right angle to produce highly  effective oil-water separation.There are two models of  the Delta for flow rates of 15 and 30 GPM

The Delta has a stainless steel oil-water separator and  all of the tanks and filters are connected with UV-  resistant Schedule 80 PVC pipe. The entire unit is  mounted on a rugged, welded-steel skid with stainless  steel studs and bolts along with a weather-resistant  powder coat finish. Odors are kept in check by a high-  output Series 400 ozone generator with four UV lamps.  Electrical connections are in a NEMA 4 water-tight  control box.

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